Rapport’s Air Purifying Technology Offers Clients a Way to Give Back

24 May 2020



Rapport, IPG’s global out of home specialist offers its clients air purifying technology that can be placed on out of home materials including billboards, subway exteriors, rail-cards, airports and in retail stores to help reduce air pollution. During the COVID- 19 Pandemic the agency has seen its clients leading the charge in creating a safer, cleaner, and healthier planet, one billboard at a time.

With research showing that there is a strong link between long-term exposure to pollution and increased complications in individuals affected by COVID-19, Rapport is finding that clients are increasingly interested in employing this technology in their media plans.

The technology uses TiOx (Titanium Dioxide), a special coating applied to printed materials that removes NOx gases (carbon emissions, industrial pollutants, etc.) from the air while the ad is posted. The TiOx coating acts as millions of microscopic sponges which extract Carbon left in the air by car exhaust. In fact, one 14×48 billboard covered in this coating, in the market for one year, has the capacity to offset the pollution of 12 cars averaging 10,000 miles per year, making this an important tool in reducing our global carbon footprint.

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