The Axis Agency Turns California Water Conservation into a Way of Life

20 June 2023


In March 2022, as California faced its third consecutive year of drought, Governor Newsom extended the state’s drought emergency, urging citizens to intensify their water conservation efforts. In response, The Axis Agency launched a comprehensive educational campaign for Save Our Water, California’s water conservation program. The campaign, titled “For the Love of Water,” emphasizes the need for sustained water reduction efforts, not just during the drought but as a permanent lifestyle change.

“For the Love of Water” started with ground research to understand what type of content Californians respond to. The research revealed that Californians respond best to messages that are optimistic, showcase a positive future, emphasize unity among citizens, illustrate the impact of climate change on weather patterns, and provide clear, actionable directions on conservation efforts.

Ultimately, the omni-cultural and in-language campaign ensured that high-impact messaging reached all Californians. The focus was on promoting the beauty, simplicity, and scalability of yard transformations, use of water-wise plants to enhance conservation efforts, and seasonal weather tips to remind Californians to reduce outdoor water waste, and continue conserving, regardless of weather conditions. The ad ran in both English and Spanish, including a Spanish Danny Trejo spot that received a lot of attention.

Save Our Water’s new logo, featuring a bear crafted from water, signifies the state’s leadership in conservation efforts and water resiliency. The California bear, a recognized symbol of strength, trust, and optimism, embodies the values of the campaign, emphasizing the importance of collective action in safeguarding the state’s precious water resources.