The Brooklyn Brothers and Inspired by Iceland Launch ‘Premium’ Tap Water Brand to Reduce Waste

11 September 2019

The Brooklyn Brothers new work for Inspired by Iceland urges tourists to drink responsibly as it launches the world’s first “premium tap water” brand.

In an attempt to encourage its tourists to behave more responsibly, The Brooklyn Brothers and Íslenska have launched the world’s first premium tap water brand for Inspired by Iceland. Kranavatn, Icelandic for tap water, is being promoted as a free, abundant, high-quality product for consumption from any tap.

By promoting its tap water, Inspired by Iceland hopes to be a force for good in the global fight to reduce plastic waste and contribute to the global conversation regarding the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. A change in behavior from tourists using less plastic would have a significant environmental impact—a global study reveals two thirds (65%) of global travelers consume more plastic bottled water abroad than at home, with only one in four (25%) bringing their reusable water bottle on holiday.

The work highlights Icelandic tap water as one of the cleanest and best-tasting tap waters in the world—pure glacial water filtered through lava for thousands of years. Kranavatn will therefore be positioned as a new “luxury” drink at selected Icelandic restaurants, bars, Airbnb’s and hotels. Visitors to Iceland this summer can expect to see a Kranavatn-branded bar upon arriving at the airport, where they can enjoy Icelandic water straight from the tap.

The hero online film will engage tourists in the project via the online Inspired by Iceland hub and through paid social comms targeting visitors to Iceland. Additionally, reusable Kranavatn branded bottles are being distributed to influencers to amplify the brand on social. Finally, in partnership with The Environment Agency of Iceland, Inspired by Iceland will urge visitors to sign up for the “Kranavatn Challenge” online at Challengers will unlock a voucher reflecting the money they would have spent on plastic water bottles redeemable at several of the country’s premier leisure and retail outlets.

The Brooklyn Brothers is the global creative and strategic agency, working in partnership with Icelandic agency Íslenska, based in Reykjavik. Specifically, The Brooklyn Brothers conducted the global research study, developed the creative concept and execution along with media distribution including social, PR and activation.