The Martin Agency and UPS Launch #ThanksForDelivering

13 April 2020


The Martin Agency worked with UPS to launch the #ThanksForDelivering campaign meant to ignite a social movement to spread joy and gratitude between all delivery companies providing vital services and their customers.

“When this virus started happening, keeping economies and supply chains moving forward [was vital],” noted Todd Wandtke, VP of Digital Marketing, Advertising and Brand Management. Most important, the focus was and is on getting supplies to medical facilities, making sure that doctors, first responders and others have the equipment and supplies that they need. We started seeing these thank-you notes and these comments of appreciation.

“#ThanksForDelivering was very carefully chosen because the idea here was that it’s more than just UPS. It’s intended to be anyone … whether that’s medical first responders, the people working in grocery stores that make it possible for people to stay home and eat, or other service providers who are working hard and taking risks,” added Wandtke.