Thrive and Nestlé Launch the Nescafé ‘Coffee Coffee Table’

24 November 2021


Thrive, UM’s Nestlé-dedicated arm, partnered with Nestlé to launch the Nescafé “Coffee Coffee Table,” a new creation to showcase the company’s commitment to sustainability and to encourage Canadians to learn more about how their coffee is grown and packaged. The table was created from just over 37 pounds of reused Nescafé coffee grounds. Thrive planned and executed the media buying for the digitally-led campaign, which includes online videos on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

The process of creating the table was inspired by Nescafé’s method of converting energy from wasted coffee grounds, which it uses to run its factories as part of the company’s global target of reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

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