UM and Reprise Launch the #OneStepCloser TikTok Challenge for CVS Health

03 May 2021



When President Biden announced that all US adults would be eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine on April 19th, CVS did not want the milestone to go by without proper attention—and its own anthem. CVS wanted to deploy a social activation to connect with Gen Z, a demo that has largely been ignored in the marketing efforts around vaccination. UM and Reprise suggested leveraging TikTok—a platform that CVS had never used before—and partnered with NGL Collective, an independent Latinx media and entertainment company, to engage Puerto Rican pop duo Domino Saints to pen and perform a new track that would spread on TikTok across all ethnicities and backgrounds.

Check out the song “One Step Closer” in Domino Saints’ TikTok video and people’s responses to the hashtag challenge so far, as well as the media coverage in MediaPost.