Jayna Kothary

Chief Solutions Officer

Jayna Kothary is IPG’s first ever Chief Solutions Officer. In her role, she is accountable for designing solutions that serve our client’s businesses to help them grow. In today’s climate, this requires leveraging technology, data and innovation to bring together media and CRM, experiences and commerce, and AI with creativity. Jayna’s role is to look at not only now, but one, three and five years ahead to make sure IPG is future forward in the products and solutions it offers to its clients, through a combination of proprietary products and services, partnerships, automation, and best in class talent.

Jayna has over 20 years of experience in senior roles. She started her career at KPMG in the Business Change & Transformation Consulting Business whilst also getting her Chartered Accountancy qualification in parallel. She continued consulting for an additional four years in a boutique consultancy set up by Accenture and EY veterans. This period created a foundation for problem solving and relentless delivery.

She then went on to hold senior leadership roles at BP and Vodafone where she was managing multi-million dollar investment portfolios focused on performance, integration, customer retention and commerce. This created her love for talent development, curiosity, and deep empathy for client’s needs from partners.

Jayna’s last nine years have been spent in the advertising and marketing industry, first at WPP where she was the Global Chief Technology Officer for Client Accounts, and then at MRM where she led technology, commerce, consulting and innovation.

Jayna comes from a huge family of 60 people in London and was brought up communally and in a culture of compromise, sharing, and fun. She is a mom to a little girl and loves to read, travel, cook, practice yoga, and go on long country hikes.