A Shared Commitment to Values & Democracy

07 Jan 2021


Memo from IPG CEO Philippe Krakowsky to Global Employees, January 7, 2021 –

In the wake of yesterday’s deeply disturbing events in Washington, D.C., I wanted to reach out briefly this morning to re-iterate our shared commitment to values that run directly counter to so much of what we witnessed yesterday at the U.S. Capitol, and to assure you of our support during these tumultuous times.

On a day which should have seen a step in the peaceful transfer of power in the United States, we were instead confronted by disturbing images of violence and hate, stoked by divisiveness and disinformation. As many observers from around the world have remarked, this will be remembered as a sad day for democratic ideals.

For some time now, we have been focused on ensuring that IPG is not only a place where people come to work together, and in which we are supportive of diversity, but also one in which we approach our work with integrity. Because doing what we do in a way that’s ethical and moral matters – recent events in the political and public health spheres demonstrate how very powerful information and communication can be.

This is why, especially during the past year, our company has been on the front lines of encouraging civic engagement. Having a voice matters. It’s why on Monday of this week, Michael Roth was one of 170 leaders from companies across the business spectrum to urge the U.S. Congress to certify the presidential election results, warning that delays would “run counter to the essential tenets of our democracy.”

The images we are seeing and the conversations we are all having in response to yesterday’s mob scenes are unsettling. For many among us, they will cause real anxiety, so please remember that IPG offers resources to help our colleagues in times of crisis. We will continue to watch events as they unfold in order to ensure your, as well as our collective, well-being.

These are undeniably difficult times and many people are understandably alarmed and in pain. We’ll get through this the only way we can, by coming together.