Asian Heritage Group Hosts Executive Fireside Chat

15 Feb 2023


Facilitator and Executive Coach Neelu Kaur recently sat down with IPG’s Helene Yan, SVP, Chief Client Officer, Health, during the “Raised in the We, Thrive in the I” Fireside Chat. Hosted by Asian Heritage Group (AHG) for all employees within the IPG network, this event explored navigating your career when you’re raised in the collective “We” mindset while working in an “I”-based culture.

“Sometimes, I struggle with the notion of being your authentic self when your authenticity or culture isn’t rewarded or recognized in the workplace,” said Channing Martin, Chief Diversity and Social Impact Officer in her opening remarks. “This conversation explores the dance, as Neelu puts it, between thriving in the workplace and owning your identity.”

Supplementing the engaging fireside chat between Kaur and Yan, Martin also shared insights from Coqual’s latest study, “Strangers at Home: The Asian and Asian American Professional Experience” to provide quantitative evidence to support the discussion on Asian American and Pacific Islander experiences in the workplace.

“The Coqual study emphasized the invisibility of the issues that A/AA/PI professionals face,” said Yan. “Our dialogue is one small and important step forward to address things that we rarely talk about—and provide tangible tools and support for our talent, their managers and their colleagues.”

Offering these programs at IPG help to break down those industry barriers that limit the success of all professionals in a two-fold approach: Employees learn how to better navigate their career while colleagues become better allies in understanding the unique experiences of professionals from different walks of life.

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