Hill Holliday’s D&I Council Welcomes Collette Devitto

24 Jul 2018


Collette Devitto, a young woman born in 1990 with Down Syndrome, had always created her own cookie recipes for fun. But time after time, when Collette applied for a job, she was repeatedly told she was “not a good fit.” Collette was determined to open her own business and try to earn a living on her own. And so, Collettey’s Cookies was born.

With Collettey’s Cookies, Collette has created a global movement, and travels around the country to share her inspiring story. She encourages people to focus on their abilities rather than what they can’t do. She works to create change and to help the non-disabled population see abilities and start including and employing people with disabilities.

Collette shared her story with the agency, and talked about the challenges of starting and running a business. She answered questions, and of course, provided dozens of delicious cookies for the appreciative crowd.