Huge Launches Powerful New AI Capabilities

14 Jun 2023


Huge, which has been at the forefront of digital design and innovation for more than two decades, announced that it has developed and deployed a proprietary, AI-powered Living Intelligence Value Engine (LIVE) to unlock new areas of growth for its clients.

“As a company that built its reputation on helping brands navigate the digital era, creating many of the world’s most transformational digital products and applications, we recognize that AI has potential far greater than mobile, and even greater than the internet,” said Huge Global CEO, Mat Baxter. “More importantly, we’ve learned from these past waves of transformative technology that real advantage does not come from an inward, incremental focus, but from making what we call Huge Moves or game-changing acts of creativity that deliver lasting impact and powerful outcomes. Huge LIVE serves as the foundation from which we will help our clients make Huge Moves and empowers us to be a trailblazer for AI-powered creativity throughout the industry.”

Huge LIVE: AI-Powered Creativity.
Huge LIVE analyzes billions of diverse data points from numerous sources and discovers hidden trends and insights in real-time that help Huge clients identify opportunities, accelerate growth, outmaneuver competitors, and remain hyper-relevant in culture. It has already been successfully deployed for client use cases in various industries from automotive to toys, entertainment, and technology, to uncover industry whitespace, surface audience insights, profile priority segments, and define new paths to billions of dollars of growth.

Huge LIVE is part of a larger strategic plan to accelerate the adoption of AI across the organization and amongst its clients while minimizing risk. It is distinct from other innovations in the industry because it is the product of a unique collaboration across the entire organization. Rather than a purely data-driven approach, Huge took a more creative approach to building out the engine’s models, leveraging cultural semiotics and applying an anthropological lens to data science to analyze and predict consumer behaviors, define brand perceptions, and generate radical creative problem-solving capabilities.

“Many in the industry are looking at how to use AI incrementally, from facilitating brainstorming to speeding up or optimizing the creation of marketing content, but those applications are just table stakes when it comes to the opportunity,” added Baxter. “Huge is taking a much bigger picture view of AI, recognizing its potential to change everything.”

The Creative Capital Index: Measuring Creativity (finally).
Huge is also using LIVE to design an evolving suite of proprietary creativity applications and products that will be announced and released throughout 2023 and 2024. The Creative Capital Index (CCI), a tool to help businesses measure and increase their organizational creativity, is the first to be introduced. Akin to the S&P 500 Index but for creativity and innovation, the index values all of an organization’s assets–both tangible and intangible–that enable creative problem-solving and innovation and tracks how the relative value of those assets rise and fall over time as compared to industry benchmarks. Using the Creative Capital Index, Huge clients can quantify and exploit their creative potential to achieve category-defying growth. The Creative Capital Index is available now for select industries.

Building An AI Culture by Investing in Talent and Training.
Huge’s development of Huge LIVE stems from an early recognition of the coming AI wave and the importance of data and insights as a strategic focus for creative organizations when Baxter joined in the summer of 2021. This led to an ongoing investment in talent and training that started with the recruitment of a team of data scientists and strategists, including Lisa De Bonis, previously with Accenture, as Chief Product Officer, Frisco Chau, previously with M&C Saatchi Group, as Global Head of Data and Insights, and Michelle Yaiser, previously with Forrester, as GVP of Data Products. All three, along with their teams, have been instrumental in developing Huge LIVE and the company’s forthcoming AI-powered creativity applications and products. More recently, the company elevated Jon Judah from a Global Client President to Chief Strategy Officer and Adrienne Imbriaco from Managing Director of Talent to Chief Talent officer. Both will be integral to driving Huge’s AI vision forward.