IPG and D-Wave Quantum Partner for Marketing Optimization

02 Jun 2023


IPG has joined forces with D-Wave Quantum to explore the potential of quantum computing in campaign optimization. Through this partnership, IPG aims to leverage D-Wave’s quantum computers and hybrid solvers, along with its own data assets, to develop quantum-hybrid applications that drive innovation in marketing investments and strategy.

The collaboration will focus on utilizing D-Wave’s quantum cloud service, Leap, to build high-value audiences for marketers and optimize campaigns in various settings. IPG has already initiated a pilot program with D-Wave, employing marketing optimization equations to enhance campaigns in a retail environment for one of its top clients.

By adopting quantum technology as part of its tech stack, IPG plans to unlock a greater collection of data-driven insights, enabling more relevant and effective marketing for its clients on a larger scale. The partnership reflects the industry’s growing interest in quantum computing as a means to tackle complex challenges, including those related to generative AI, at a faster pace than traditional computing methods.

“At IPG, we understand that every customer is unique, with very personal passions, behaviors and motivations,” Philippe Krakowsky, CEO of IPG, highlights. “By working with D-Wave and adopting quantum technology as part of our tech stack, we believe we can uncover an even greater collection of data-driven insights to deliver more relevant and effective marketing for our clients, at scale.”

“We’re excited to work with IPG to bring the power of quantum to advertising optimization, more efficiently harnessing a massive amount of data to create hyper-targeted campaigns that drive desired outcomes for brands,” notes Alan Baratz, CEO of D-Wave.

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