IPG Employees Commit to Sustainability and Access to Water for All

21 Apr 2021


In our continued commitment to sustainability, and in recognition of Earth Day 2021, IPG kicked off a global Sustainability Challenge on April 21, 2021. The challenge spanned three weeks, in line with research that suggests it takes 21 days to develop a habit, and provided engaged employees the opportunity to develop and share green behaviors, to raise awareness, and to have targeted donations matched by IPG.

IPG created a team with ActNow, the UN Campaign for Individual Action on climate change and sustainability, which encourages individuals to develop long-term behavior changes that reduce environmental impact. Through the app, individuals could set benchmarks and track progress toward a specific goal. For our challenge, IPG employees aimed to collectively save 50,000 KGs of CO2 and 1,000,000 L of water over the course of three weeks. In the end, the team successfully saved over 1,000,000 L of water and reduced its carbon footprint by nearly ten tons.

While these individual behavior changes are key in rectifying the effects of climate change, it will take all of us to reduce the impacts of climate-related irregularities and disasters. To encourage more colleagues to take action, IPG employees shared individual climate change commitments to LinkedIn, in step with the ActNow challenge.

On a larger scale, several essential concerns tied to climate change threaten lives around the world. The water crisis is one example that poses a serious, growing threat to human rights. In keeping with our commitment to UN Sustainability Goal #6, Access to Water and Sanitation for all, IPG committed to match employee donations to charity: water up to a total $10,000 donation. IPG and our employees exceeded this goal, and ultimately donated more than $11,500 to the organization. The donations will fund a water project capable of transforming an entire community.

Finally, businesses must do their part in assessing and mitigating their environmental footprint. IPG is committed to operating sustainably, contributing to a healthier society and a healthier planet. For more information on IPG’s sustainability programs, please visit our sustainability and purpose page, and read our GRI Report.

Together we can combat climate change.