IPG Health Announces Strategic Restructuring

10 May 2024


IPG Health has announced the integration of McCann Health New York into AREA 23 and the merging of Hill Holliday Health and McCann Health New Jersey under the new Rise & Run banner. With the moves, IPG Health aims to streamline the network’s brand offerings while establishing two substantial agencies poised for growth.

According to IPG Health CEO Dana Maiman, these changes mark a natural evolution within the network, with McCann Health NY and Area 23 already operating collaboratively under the leadership of Renée Mellas and Tim Hawkey. Meanwhile, the fusion of Hill Holliday Health and McCann Health NJ under Rise & Run harnesses their complementary strengths, positioning the new entity for success across consumer and healthcare professional markets. The consolidation results in AREA 23 becoming one of the industry’s largest agencies, with just under 1,200 employees, while Rise & Run debuts with approximately 500 employees.

With revenue estimates indicating positive growth trajectories for both agencies, IPG Health aims to maintain operational continuity and client service excellence throughout the transition, assuring stakeholders of a seamless and exciting evolution in the company’s structure and capabilities..

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