IPG Health Launches Industry’s First Clinical Trial Diversity Offering

08 Sep 2023


Building on its long-standing commitment to advancing health equity — specifically clinical equality, IPG Health has formally launched an industry-first offering designed to help pharma and healthcare companies diversify their clinical trials and ensure more inclusive treatment innovations.

By leveraging its extensive medical expertise, engagement strategies, data analytics, software intelligence and patient experience insights, IPG Health intends to overcome obstacles related to the outreach, recruitment and engagement of diverse populations in clinical trials. This includes everything from understanding patient behaviors and predicting their health intentions, to crafting measurable engagement strategies, developing clinical trial support systems, and more.

“We are relentlessly focused on doing what’s right for our clients, their brands, and our people. And we can’t do what’s right unless equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) are at the heart of our business,” said IPG Health CEO, Dana Maiman. “This important offering is just another way that we continue to hold ourselves accountable for advancing health equity and being trusted partners to our clients. This clinical trial diversity offering is a pivotal move in helping clients unlock new opportunities and address significant unmet needs in underserved populations and, ultimately, helping to accelerate equity in healthcare.”

“Helping companies produce truly inclusive clinical trials and outcomes requires a deep understanding of the innate complexities of the clinical trial process and the multifactorial barriers within it. That’s something very few health marketing agencies possess,” noted Sommer Bazuro, IPG Health’s Chief Medical Officer. “At IPG Health, we’ve invested years into understanding those complexities and variables, and identifying actionable opportunities. And we do it in partnership with leading tech and pharma companies, advocacy organizations, and academic institutions across the full clinical trial spectrum — from the supply and demand ends to the crucial intermediaries in between. All of this demands a depth of medical and scientific expertise, creativity, and specialized capabilities that only IPG Health is uniquely able to provide,” she continued.

The new offering is an extension of IPG Health’s EDI+You strategy, which includes “inQ” (Inclusion Intelligence Quotient) — a proprietary integrated strategic framework designed to ensure even more inclusive experiences and creative solutions across the network’s 45+ agencies. Rooted in an evidence-based framework inspired by the World Health Organization’s Determinants of Health model, IPG Health’s inQ focuses on understanding how multiple factors and influences impact exclusion or inclusion of people so that no populations are left behind.