IPG Hosts Inclusion Forum Call

01 Nov 2018


Following the events of the past several weeks and Michael Roth’s communication to the organization, IPG’s Diversity and Inclusion team and Chairman and CEO, Michael Roth, hosted an Inclusion Forum Call for all employees. More than 500 people from 100 offices and 14 countries registered for the call.

Michael Roth introduced the call and was then joined by Heide Gardner, IPG’s Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, who provided context and background before inviting employees to participate.

Both Michael and Heide mentioned the fact that IPG is a company that embraces diversity and inclusion as well as diversity in all forms and that we want to ensure that employees feel safe and comfortable in the workplace.

IPG has held several other Inclusion Forum calls including one following the events in Charlottesville in 2017, and one for employees concerned about changing immigration laws, specifically related to DACA.