IPG Hosts Town Hall to Answer Questions About COVID-19

27 Aug 2021


IPG invited Dr. Anna Yaffee, Director of the Global Health in Emergency Medicine Section at Emory University Hospitals, to join the company for a discussion on COVID-19, including the best ways for employees to protect themselves against the virus.

Dr. Yaffee has been responding to COVID-19 on the front lines for over a year, including testing, patient care, counseling, and vaccination. She began the session with a presentation discussing her experience, the role that vaccines play in saving lives, how variants develop, among other key topics.

Employees asked questions related to the virus during the session, such as: What are the characteristics and chances, of a break-through COVID infection? Are antibodies just as good of a defense against the virus as the vaccine? And is there a way to protect yourself from COVID-19 without a vaccine?

Dr. Yaffee’s responses to these questions, among others, will be helpful as employees continue to navigate the effects of the pandemic. While acknowledging the varying access to vaccines around the world, Dr. Yaffee urged employees to consider getting a COVID-19 vaccine if they are able to do so. “The most patriotic thing we can do to protect ourselves and our communities is to get vaccinated” she said.

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