IPG Is First Ad Holding Company to Release Race and Gender Composition of Its Leadership

14 Jul 2020


IPG recently released statistics which shows how many African Americans, Asian Americans and Hispanic Americans we have across the executive ranks of our company in the U.S., and how our breakdown compares to the sector. We also released our statistics regarding women. (Note that the sector data includes the advertising industry, as well as professional services like law firms, accounting firms and management consultants.)  In doing this, we became the first holding company in our industry to release these kinds of statistics. Our data uses standards set by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

When commenting on the release of the initial statistics regarding race, Michael Roth noted, “What you will see is that IPG is broadly in line with the sector – and you will also note that this is not a great place to be. We can all agree that we MUST do better.

“Transparency has always been a core value at our company, and this new disclosure ratchets up the information we will share about IPG. That said, there are other industries, like the tech sector, that have shared this level of detail for their workforces and they have not seen significant change. So just being more transparent is not enough.”

IPG has strong gender representation across all ranks of our company, in contrast to minority representation.