IPG Mediabrands Launches Unified Retail Media Solution

18 Jul 2023

IPG Mediabrands launches its Unified Retail Media Solution, a dedicated business unit that will enable brands to intelligently manage their investment performance seamlessly across all Retail Media Networks — one of the fastest growing advertising channels.

With 82% of CMOs finding standardization across Retail Media platforms a significant challenge, IPG Mediabrands aims to bring transparency and trust to the space — powered by a unique tech platform focusing on Unified Audience, Measurement, Optimization and Intelligence. The solution empowers brands with a holistic view of their performance, automated cross-retailer activation and optimization, maximizing sales and profitability.

Led by Glen Conybeare, Executive Lead and Global President, Reprise Commerce & Retail Media at IPG Mediabrands, and with 500+ multi-disciplinary team members in support, the Unified Retail Media Solution has been beta tested by IPG Mediabrands clients in the CPG, Gaming and OTC sectors, and already has hundreds of bespoke audiences built out with a roadmap to hit over 10,000 by year-end.

“Brands activating in Retail Media face the challenge of navigating through multiple closed garden networks, each with their own data approach, metrics and ROI methods. This complexity is amplified for brands that also sell their products through these retailers. Therefore, it is crucial for brands seeking to maximize their investment to leverage data and insight across networks with an ability to make intelligent decisions in real time about what’s working and not,” said Eileen Kiernan, Global CEO, IPG Mediabrands.

“With this solution from IPG Mediabrands, clients can make optimal decisions both within and across Retail Media Networks based on facts, not hunches. It’s another step forward in IPG’s Total Commerce strategy, along with IPG’s Creative Commerce Labs, helping to ensure brands grow share and do so profitably,” added Jeriad Zoghby, Chief Commerce Strategy Officer at IPG.

“Retail Media Networks offer a huge opportunity for marketers. However, each network operates as a closed-loop system which makes it really difficult to drive ROI effectively. With dozens of retail channels as part of many clients’ investment strategies, it has been difficult to compare their relative performance. With our Unified Retail Media Platform, we have standardized a key part of the process,” said Conybeare.

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