IPG-Supported Water Project in Mozambique is Complete

10 Apr 2020


In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, 785 million people lack access to the one thing they need most: clean and safe water.

As part of IPG’s commitment to United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #6, IPG contributed to a water project in Mozambique that provided access to clean and safe water for 248 people. IPG worked with charity: water and local partner HELVETAS USA to help fund a well with a hand pump for a community in Mozambique. charity: water relies on the water expertise of local partners like HELVETAS USA to choose the best solution for each unique situation.

Wells access subsurface aquifers, which are better protected from microbial contamination than surface water and provide a more reliable supply of water during dry seasons and droughts. Construction begins with studies to identify the most suitable location. Once a location is selected and the aquifer is reached, the well is lined, disinfected, tested, and fitted with a hand pump to bring water to the surface.

Along with implementing water projects, local partners also facilitate sanitation and hygiene initiatives to help promote everyone’s long-term health. These initiatives are often championed by community members themselves, who work hard to create positive change within their community.

Clean water means education, income, and health—especially for women and girls. It truly changes everything.