IPG Takes New Steps in Considering Energy and Fuel Clients

01 Apr 2024


In a first for the industry, in 2022, IPG and its affiliates announced that we would proactively review the climate impacts of prospective clients in the oil, energy and utility sectors before engaging in new work. We partnered with a third-party climate-change expert to develop a set of questions that we ask prospective clients to affirm before we enter a new partnership. These questions include:

  • Have these companies set specific emissions reduction goals that are aligned with 1.5°C ambition to achieve net-zero GHG emissions by 2050 or sooner with no greater than 10% off-setting?
  • Are these companies publishing clear climate reporting, including scope, baseline, timeline, and the tracking of Scopes 1, 2 and 3 emissions?
  • Are their goals public and in line with the goals IPG has made in our own ecosystem?
  • Have these companies ceased any controversial forms of oil and gas production?

Additionally, IPG does not work with trade associations or lobbying groups that seek to extend the life of fossil fuels.

Since putting this review process in place, we have, on multiple occasions, turned down potential new business opportunities. We will continue to update our stakeholders as we refine this policy.

IPG is committed to helping our clients achieve their business goals. Our existing clients who operate in the energy sector represent longstanding relationships that for many years have employed thousands of our people around the world. As our economies transition away from fossil fuels, we look to partner with these clients on climate-forward solutions while aligning our work with IPG’s values. As is consistent with IPG policy, no employee anywhere within IPG is required to work on an account that is antithetical to their values.

Ultimately, we understand that IPG’s success as an organization is grounded in our ability to engage with a range of stakeholders to drive positive outcomes. That includes growth – predicated on strong client relationships – as well as financial performance. We are equally focused on supporting the livelihoods of our people, and on the work we can do to benefit our communities.

Read our latest report for more information on IPG’s ESG work.