IPG Water Project in Tigray is Complete

04 Dec 2020


At the end of 2018, IPG took a step toward ending the water crisis by making a substantial investment in charity: water’s work in Ethiopia. 100% of our donation funded a well with a handpump for people living in Tigray, Ethiopia.

This donation is part of IPG’s commitment to SDG#6, access to water and sanitation for all, and brings us one step closer to making sure that every single person on the planet has access to clean and safe water.

To ensure the long-term functionality of the work we have funded, charity: water’s implementing partner, The Relief Society of Tigray (REST), trains WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) committees on the maintenance and operation of each water point. charity: water also partners with REST to take the next step in sustainability by implementing innovative technology. Remote hand pump sensors are installed on a selection of projects to monitor water flow in real-time and record data on water system performance.