Mediabrands and R&CPMK Launch UpstreamPOP

30 Jun 2022

Mediabrands and Rogers & Cowan PMK (R&CPMK) launch “UpstreamPOP,” a groundbreaking technology platform providing end-to-end solutions for agency clients looking for brand integration opportunities with content creators and media platforms across the entertainment ecosystem.

Harnessing Mediabrands’ industry-leading audience intelligence and R&CPMK’s unmatched expertise and relationships across the entertainment industry, UpstreamPOP will unify brands and content producers on one platform, identify integration opportunities, and create connections to reach High Value Audiences.

“As the entertainment industry continues to rapidly evolve, and increasingly more content is created in non-ad supported platforms, the necessity for brands to figure their way into that storytelling is more important than ever,” said Mark Owens, CEO, R&CPMK. “Consumers have significantly shifted their habits, with nearly 75% of viewers under 55 now preferring to consume content on streaming platforms in place of linear TV. UpstreamPOP not only provides brands the most accurate tool in the market to find the best integration opportunities to reach their target audience, whether on linear or streaming, it also provides our clients the ability to secure their deals in real-time.”

“We are in the business of providing the most advanced solutions to our clients’ problems. The launch of UpstreamPOP further expands our capabilities by providing clients with a data-driven and measurable way to reach the audiences they desire most, through entertainment where advertising space can’t be bought,” said Brendan Gaul, Global Chief Content Officer, Mediabrands.

Designed to give IPG clients a competitive edge, UpstreamPOP will use proprietary measurement tools and IPG’s comprehensive data library to provide brands with customizable search and filtering of integration and promotional opportunities that best reach their key audiences. At launch, UpstreamPOP will feature more than 2000 brand integration opportunities across non-ad-supported original content including lm, television, music videos and more.

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