United Minds Launches New C-Suite Advisory, Myriant

19 May 2023

United Minds has expanded its services with the launch of Myriant, a C-suite advisory focused on business resiliency and stakeholder management.

Combining United Minds’ expertise in organizational transformation with external stakeholder insights, Myriant will provide insights and counsel for an integrated approach to complex business decisions and strategies. Its consultants — which include a network of advisors from various fields — will offer services in emerging risk management, effects of new tech, capital markets and ESG advisory.

“United Minds’ organizational transformation work over the last five years gives us unique insight into the myriad business challenges facing leaders today. Not only are executives bombarded by information and misinformation, but they are also confronted by a complex and rapidly changing attitude about the role of business in society today. Against that backdrop, leaders need access to the best data sets and the best minds in order to make the most effective decisions,” said Kate Bullinger, CEO, United Minds.

“Myriant applies the same rigor to the external stakeholder environment that United Minds as a culture change consultancy brings to the internal business environment,” said Ben Kalevitch, Managing Director, Myriant. “In both cases, we believe business decisions should integrate and align an individual company’s specific commercial objectives, resiliency considerations and the expectations of their specific stakeholders – which requires applying a multi-stakeholder lens to business strategy.”

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