About IPG Commerce

About IPG Commerce

IPG Commerce helps businesses design, build and grow Inclusive Commerce Experiences for Sustainable Growth.

The offering is holistic from bricks to clicks and includes Retail, Marketplaces, Social, DtC, and most importantly, the orchestration across them all.

Inclusivity is about making all exploration, evaluation, shopping, and buying accessible and available to all. Sustainable Growth is not only about doing good business that makes a positive impact on people and the planet but also helps drive sustainable business growth for our clients. These can no longer be viewed and managed separately.

IPG Commerce has helped clients tap into the emotional side of shopping and buying, focusing not only on who and how they behave, but why they behave that way. This approach allows guiding people from their purpose to their purchase and serves to build deeper connections with people – through engagement and conversion, and lifestyle and loyalty.


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IPG Commerce

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