About IPG Commerce

About IPG Commerce

We are quickly evolving to a world where every customer touch point is a commerce channel. Yet, brands continue to struggle with outdated platforms and business models, preventing them from keeping pace with consumers’ growing expectations.

That’s why, at IPG Commerce, we don’t see commerce as a service, a new media space, or “an add-on.” It is a disruption that transforms brands and organizations around the world.

The good news is that launching a commerce channel has never been easier. The bad news is that succeeding in a commerce business has never been more challenging. That’s why it’s time to throw away the rules and beliefs that got us here – there needs to be a new approach for marketers to catapult to commerce success. Drawing upon our deep commerce expertise from across the IPG network, we deliver a seamlessly connected solution called “Total Commerce” that focuses on four elements for successful commerce:

  • Creative Commerce – growing market share through differentiated creative within and for commerce channels.
  • Unified Commerce – optimizing ROI by orchestrating media and marketing activities across channels, seamlessly driving the right audiences to commerce platforms at the right time.
  • Personal Commerce – maximizing sales via commerce experiences designed to empower customers to get what they want on their terms.
  • Connected Commerce – enabling enterprise agility and scaling cost-effectively with an automated and intelligent commerce ecosystem.

To succeed in an ever-crowded market filled with growing customer expectations, brands need to stand out creatively and spend intelligently to maximize traffic to personalized experiences. All of which should be enabled by an intelligent and connected ecosystem that dynamically adapts to signals from customers, competitors, and culture in real time.


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