Global Reporting Initiative Reports

GRI Indicator 102-13
Reporting Level Complete

List memberships of associations and national or international advocacy organizations to which the organization holds a position on the governance body, participates in projects or committees, provides substantive funding beyond routine membership dues, views membership as strategic

IPG takes its role as a corporate citizen seriously. This includes membership and leadership roles in trade associations as well as community organizations that impact the lives of communities where our employees live and work.

IPG and its agencies support numerous national and international advocacy organizations that are strategic to our business and impact communities where our employees live and work. A representative list is below.



Organization Agency Position
3% Movement MullenLowe U.S. Advisory Board Member
4A’s Communications Committee MullenLowe U.S. Committee Member
4A’s New England Regional Board MullenLowe U.S. Board Member
4A’s OOH Committee Rapport Member
4A’s Strategy Committee MullenLowe U.S. Committee Member
4A’s Talent Conference Hill Holliday Member
A Place at the Table Octagon Member
Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences Rogers & Cowan Member
Account Planning Group (APG) LOLA MullenLowe Board Member
Adcraft Club of Detroit Campbell Ewald Board Member
AdFed Carmichael Lynch Board Member
AdLedger Reprise Board Member
Ad Ops MAGNA Advisory Council
Adopt-A-Family Inc. Octagon Member
Advertising Agencies Association of India MullenLowe Lintas Group Member
Advertising Club of New York (The Ad Club) Hill Holliday, Initiative Member, Board Member
Advertising Council Campbell Ewald, FCB, Hill Holliday, Initiative, McCann, MullenLowe US, Octagon, R/GA, Weber Shandwick Board Member, Substantive Funding, Council Member
Advertising Educational Foundation (ANA Educational Foundation) Deutsch, IW Group, McCann, R/GA, Weber Shandwick Board Member, Advisory Board Member
Advertising Foundation MullenLowe Istanbul Board Member
Advertising Research Foundation Huge Member
Agency Circle 303 MullenLowe Member
Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation Tierney Board Member
Allie’s Friends Foundation Octagon Member
ALS of Arkansas Octagon Member
Alzheimer’s Foundation of America Octagon Member
American Advertising Federation FCB, Hill Holliday, R/GA, Weber Shandwick Board Member, Member, Advisory Board
American Association of Advertising Agencies (4As) Campbell Ewald, Carmichael Lynch, Deutsch, FCB, Golin, Hill Holliday, Huge, Identity, Initiative, IPG Mediabrands, Jack Morton, MAGNA, MullenLowe Group, New Honor Society, The Martin Agency, McCann, Rapport, R/GA, Society, UM, Weber Shandwick Board Member, Committee Member, Council Member, Member
American Dance Movement Rogers & Cowan Board Member
American Diabetes Association Octagon Member
American Heart Association Octagon Member
American Library Association Huge Committee Member
American Lung Association in Rhode Island Octagon Member
American Marketing Association Carmichael Lynch Member
American National Red Cross Rhode Island Chapter Octagon Member
Amos House Octagon Member
AMPAS Rogers & Cowan Member
AMREF Board MullenLowe Profero Member
APG Consultancy Ltd Tokyo Octagon Talent+Properties Advisory Board
APG Germany GGH MullenLowe Member
Arizona State University College of Law Sports Octagon Talent+Properties Advisory Board, Member
Arthritis Foundation, New England Region Octagon Member
Arthur W. Page Society Golin, IW Group, Weber Shandwick Member, Board of Trustees
ArtsBoston MullenLowe U.S. Board Member
Asian & Pacific Islander American Chamber of Commerce & Entrepreneurship IPG, IW Group Board Member, National Chairman
Asian & Pacific Islander American Scholarship Fund IW Group Advisory Member
Asian American Advertising Federation IW Group Board Member
Asian Americans Advancing Justice IW Group Board Member
Asian Real Estate Association of America IW Group Advisory Council
Asociación Española de Agencias de Communicación Publicitaria (AEACP) LOLA MullenLowe Board Member
Asociación Española de Anunciantes (AEA) LOLA MullenLowe Board Member
Association Communication Publique (Public Communication Association) MullenLowe France Member
ACA SA (Association for Communication and Advertising, South Africa) MullenLowe South Africa Board Director and Chair
Association of National Advertisers (ANA) Hill Holliday, The Martin Agency Member
Association of National Advertisers – Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing (ANA-AIMM) IW Group Board Member
Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) Virgo Health Member
ATAS Rogers & Cowan Member
Autism Charlotte Octagon Board Member
Autism Project Octagon Member
BalletX Tierney Board Member
B-Corporation MullenLowe Salt Ambassador
BAM R/GA Board Member
Barrington Education Foundation Octagon Member
Barrington High School Parents Association: Afterprom Octagon Member
Bayside YMCA Octagon Member
Bayuda en Acción Colombia MullenLowe SSP3 Board of Directors
Berlin School R/GA Board Member
BIMA, A MITX Organization MullenLowe US Executive Committee
Blackstone Valley Prep Mayoral Academy Octagon Member
Bottom Line Hill Holliday Board of Directors
Boys & Girls Club Octagon Member
Brain Injury Association of RI Octagon Member
Brand Activation Association FCB/RED, FCB X Board Member
Brigham and Women’s Hospital Hill Holliday Board Member
Bright Pink Golin, Octagon Board Member, Member
Brighter Futures Zambia MullenLowe Open Trustee
Brightwater Culinary School Octagon Member
British Independent Film Association MullenLowe London Chairman
Build Our Kids Success (BOKS) Octagon Member
C&F Bank The Martin Agency Board Member
Canadian Council of Public Relations Firms Weber Shandwick Member
Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research Weber Shandwick Board Member
Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy McCann Health Executive Committee
Canadian Public Relations Society Weber Shandwick Member
CARITAS Metro Richmond The Martin Agency Board Member
Celiac Disease Foundation Hill Holliday Member
Center for Asian American Media IW Group Board Member
Center for Asian Pacifics United for Self-Empowerment IW Group Board Member
Center for Environmental Farming Systems Octagon Member
Center of Resilience Octagon Member
Centre Street Food Pantry Octagon Board Member
Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation IPG Mediabrands Board Member
Chamber RVA (formerly Greater Richmond Chamber) The Martin Agency Board Member
Champions for Learning (Education Foundation) Octagon Member
Chicago Association of Direct Marketing FCB Chicago Board Member
Chicago Children’s Choir Golin Board Member
Chicago Foundation for Women FCB/RED Board Member
Chicago Ideas Week FCB Board Member
Chicago Parks Foundation Octagon Substantive Funding
Chicago Public Library Foundation FCB Chicago Board Member
Chief Executives’ Club of Boston Hill Holliday Board of Governors
Child Care Services Association Octagon Member
Children’s Advocacy Center of Benton County Octagon Member
Children’s Wish Group of RI Octagon Member
Circulo de Creativos del Paraguay MullenLowe SSP3 President
Circumnavigators Foundation Weber Shandwick Member
City and County of San Francisco – Mayor’s Small Business Advisory Council IW Group Member
City Center McCann Board Member
City Year Boston Jack Morton Board Member
City Year Providence Octagon Member
Civil Institute of Advertising Auto-regulation (ICAP) FCB Board Member
Clinton Global Initiative Disability Working Group Weber Shandwick Member
Club de Creativos LOLA MullenLowe Member
Coalition of Asian Pacifics in Entertainment IW Group Board Member
Codelicious Octagon Member
College for Creative Studies Campbell Ewald Board Member
College of Social Innovation Jack Morton Advisory Board
College Visions Octagon Member
ColorComm Weber Shandwick Board Member
Community Foundation Octagon Member
Community Prep Octagon Member
Community Scholarship Fund of Barrington Octagon Member
Conetoe Family Life Center Octagon Member
Conservation Lands Foundation Cassidy & Associates Board Member
Council on Foreign Relations Weber Shandwick Member
Creative Alliance Huge Committee Member
Creative Council of South Africa MullenLowe South Africa Member
Crossroads Education Octagon Member
Crossroads Rhode Island Octagon Member Weber Shandwick Member
D&AD Advisory Board MullenLowe Group Board Member
Dallaglio Foundation The Brooklyn Brothers Trustee
Day One Octagon Member
DePaul University Golin Board Member
Direct Marketing Association of Detroit Campbell Ewald Board Member
DMA FCB Chicago Board Member
D-Show Campbell Ewald Board Member
Duke Global Health Institute Weber Shandwick Chairman, Advisory Board
Duke of Edinburgh The Brooklyn Brothers Committee Member
Earth University The Martin Agency Board Member
Economic Club FCB Chicago, Octagon Talent+Properties Member, Board of Directors
Economic Progress Institute Octagon Member
El Sol Festival LOLA MullenLowe Advisory Board
Eleven Fifty Academy Octagon Member
Elfreth’s Alley Association, a National Historic Landmark Tierney President
Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation Weber Shandwick Board Member
Emma Pendleton Bradley Hospital Octagon Member
Epilepsy Foundation of America Carmichael Lynch Board Member
Equity Lifestyle Properties, Inc. The Martin Agency Board Member
European Sponsorship Association Octagon Committee Member
Executives Club FCB Chicago Member
Experian Client Advisory Board FCB Chicago Member
Facebook Creative Council FCB, R/GA Board Member, Member
Factory Theatre Toronto Weber Shandwick Board Member
Farm Fresh Rhode Island Octagon Member
Feeding America Octagon Partnership
Fenway Health MullenLowe U.S. Board Member
Film2Future Deutsch Partner
Financial Executives International Golin Board Member
FindSpark Hill Holliday Member
First Tee Octagon Member
Forbes Agency Council Carmichael Lynch Member
Free The Bid Huge, New Honor Society Member
French Agencies Association (AACC) MullenLowe France Board Member
Friends of Barrington Senior Center Octagon Member
Fort Hays State University Entrepreneurship Advisory Council IW Group Member
Fundacion Compaz Centro de Recursos para La Paz 2017 Weber Shandwick Board Member
Futures & Options IPG Mediabrands Board Member
GAIN/USAID McCann Health Consulting Advisor
Gaits of Harmony Therapeutic Riding Octagon Member
Gamble Aware MullenLowe London Advisor
GeoPath Rapport Board Member
Girl Scouts of Eastern PA Tierney Board Member
Girl Scouts of Central Indiana Octagon Member
Girl Scouts of Southeastern New England Octagon Member
Girls on the Run Octagon Volunteer
Global Workspace (GWA) GGH MullenLowe Member
Gloria Gemma Breast Cancer Resource Foundation Octagon Member
Golf Fights Cancer Octagon Member
Golf For All Octagon Member
Golf Foundation of RI Button Hole Octagon Member
Goodman Theatre Golin Board Member
Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce Hill Holliday, MullenLowe U.S. Board Member, Board of Directors, Member
Greater Portland Boys & Girls Club Octagon Talent+Properties Director
Greater Richmond ARC The Martin Agency Board Member
Greater Richmond Partnership The Martin Agency Member
Greater Providence YMCA Octagon Member
Greater West Point YMCA The Martin Agency Board Member
Healthcare Consultancies Association Virgo Health Finance Committee
Highlander Charter School Octagon Member
HK Board for the Wilson Global Initiative Golin Board Member
Hockomock Area YMCA Octagon Member
Hole in the Wall Gang Camp Octagon Member
Honorary Prize Corazon Verde MullenLowe SSP3 Jury
Hope Hospice & Palliative Care Rhode Island Octagon Member
Hugo Group FCB Member
Humane Society of Charlotte Octagon Committee Member
IAC Video Excellence Council Initiative Board Member
IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) Ansible, Deutsch, FCB, LOLA MullenLowe, UM Board Member, Member, Committee Member
I-COM Chief Data Officer Council Huge Member
IMA India – ‘The India Chief Marketing Officers’ Forum MullenLowe Lintas Group Member
Independence Charter School Tierney Board Member
Indy Women in Tech Foundaton Octagon Member
Inspiring Minds Octagon Member
Institute for Public Relations (IPR) Golin Board Member
Institute of Communications and Advertising (ICA), Canada Weber Shandwick Board Member
Institute of Directors FCB Member
Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA) FCB, Initiative, Mediabrands Insights, MullenLowe London, Rapport Member, President
Inter-Faith Food Shuttle Octagon Member
International Advertising Association McCann Committee Member
International Agencies Council for the EACA (European Association of Communication Agencies) MullenLowe London Member
International Association of Business Communicators Weber Shandwick Member
International Market Assessment India Private Limited MullenLowe Lintas Group Advisory Council Member
International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) McCann Health Board Member
International Society for Medical Publication Professionals (ISMPP) Virgo Health, McCann Health Member, Board Member
International Tennis Hall of Fame Octagon Talent+Properties Board of Governors, Committee Member
Iona Women’s Advisory Board FCB Member
IPA Council MullenLowe London Fellow, Council Member
IPA Digital Business Group/Brand Tech Group MullenLowe London Member
IPA Effectiveness Leadership Group MullenLowe London Fellow
IPG Media Futures Group Initiative, UM Committee Member
Japan Advertising Agency Association McCann Committee Member
Japanese American Citizens League IW Group Board Member, Regional Governor
Japanese American Cultural & Community Center IW Group Board Member
Japan Magazine Advertising Association McCann Committee Member
JDRF Octagon Member
Jewish Alliance of Greater Rhode Island Octagon Member
JFL42 Comedy Festival, Toronto, Canada Weber Shandwick Board Member
JNBA Carmichael Lynch Relate Advisory Board
Joe Andruzzi Foundation Octagon Member
Journal of Communication in Healthcare Virgo Health Board Member
Junior Achievement of Rhode Island Octagon Member
Kingston University Marketing Experts Committee MullenLowe Open Member
Kizuna IW Group Board Member
Korean Youth and Community Center IW Group Board Member
LAGRANT Foundation IW Group, Weber Shandwick, Golin Board of Directors, Board Member
Latino Policy Leadership Forum The Axis Agency Board Member
Level Field Fund/Ross Powers Foundation Octagon Talent+Properties Director
LIFT Academy Octagon Member
Loaves & Fishes Rhode Island Octagon Member
Loyola School of Mass Communications MullenLowe U.S. Board Member
M-School: Institute of Marketing at LMU Deutsch Member
MAIP Carmichael Lynch, Hill Holliday, New Honor Society Member
MGGB MullenLowe London Member
Maine Sports Hall of Fame Octagon Talent+Properties Director
Make-A-Wish Foundation of Greater Virginia The Martin Agency Member, Committee Member
Make-A-Wish Foundation of Japan McCann Committee Member
March of Dimes Octagon, Rogers & Cowan Member, Board Member
Marcus Graham Project FCB Board Member
Market on Market Octagon Member
Marketing Committee for Old City District Tierney Board Member
Marketing Society of the UK MullenLowe Group, MullenLowe London Member, Chairman
Marriott Foundation Golin Board Member
Marwen FCB Board Member
Mas Mujeres Creativas (More Creative Women) LOLA MullenLowe Member
MassART MullenLowe US Advisory Board
Media360 MullenLowe London Advisory Board
Media Federation of Australia (MFA) 303 MullenLowe Member
Media For All (MEFA) MullenLowe London Founding Member
Meet Minneapolis, Convention and Visitors Association Carmichael Lynch Relate Board Member
Meeting Street Octagon Member
Mercy Hospital Foundation Octagon Member
Miami Ad School GGH MullenLowe, R/GA Member, Board Member
Minneapolis Community Alliance Carmichael Lynch Relate Member
Minneapolis Downtown Council Carmichael Lynch Relate Committee Member
Mpls MadWomen Carmichael Lynch Member
Museum of Work and Culture Octagon Member
Musicopia Tierney Board Member
NABS Fast Forward MullenLowe London Chairman
National 4-H Council Dailey Board Member
National Association for Corporate Directors, New England Chapter Hill Holliday Advisory Council
National Association of Asian American Professionals IW Group Board Member
National Fallen Firefighters Foundation Octagon Committee Member
National Gallery Singapore MullenLowe Group APAC Advisory Member
National Kidney Foundation Initiative Board Member
National Student Advertising Competition Hill Holliday Member
NC Junior Chef Competition Octagon Member
NCH Healthcare Foundation Octagon Member
Network of Executive Women Octagon Member
NetBase Customer Advisory Board Carmichael Lynch Relate Advisory Board
New Leash on Life Tierney Board Member
New York Women in Communications (NYWICI) Weber Shandwick President, Board Member
Nextech Octagon Member
Ngee Ann Polytechnic School of Film & Media Studies MullenLowe Group APAC Advisory Member
NHS Blood and Transplant Liver Advisory Group Virgo Health Lay Advisor
NHS Research, Innovation and Novel Technologies Advisory Group Virgo Health Chairman
Nielsen IW Group Advisory Council
Northwest Arkansas Children’s Shelter Octagon Member
Northwest Arkansas Food Bank Octagon Member
NYU Tisch School of Fine Arts R/GA Board Member
OCA National IW Group Advisory Council
Off the Street Club FCB/RED, Golin Board Member
Old Colony Habitat for Humanity Octagon Member
One Club FCB, The Martin Agency, McCann, R/GA Board Member, Member
One Million Degrees FCB Board Member
Origen MullenLowe SSP3 Board of Directors
Our Sister’s School Octagon Member
Paley Center for Media Deutsch Board Member
Palmetto Ridge High Octagon Member
Paraguayan Association of Advertising Agencies MullenLowe SSP3 Member
Parsons New School of Design R/GA Board Member
Partnerships Panel Committee MullenLowe London Member
Pathology Quality and Clinical Governance Committee Virgo Health Committee Member
PBS IW Group, The Martin Agency Board Member
PeaceLove Foundation Octagon Member
Philadelphia Ad Club Tierney Board Member, Committee Member
Pilobolus Dance Theater R/GA Board Member
Point Foundation MullenLowe U.S. Emeritus Board Member
Portuguese Association of Advertising, Communication and Marketing Agencies (APAP) FCB Board Member
PR Council Carmichael Lynch, Current, Devries Global, Golin, Huge, Weber Shandwick Board of Directors, Board Member, Member
President’s Advisory Council on Doing Business In Africa Weber Shandwick Member
President’s Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders IW Group Commissioner
Project Art Devries Global Board Member
Project Lead the Way Octagon Member
Project Undercover Octagon Member
PRSA Foundation Carmichael Lynch Relate, Weber Shandwick Board Member, President
PRSA Los Angeles Golin, IW Group Board Member, Member
Providence After School Alliance Octagon Member
Providence Children’s Museum Octagon Member
RADA MullenLowe London Member
Raleigh City Farm Octagon Member
Red Sox Foundation Octagon Member
Rhode Island Community Food Bank Octagon Member
Rhode Island Parent Information Network Octagon Member
Rhode Island Public Radio Octagon Member
Rhode Island Sponsoring Education (RISE) Octagon Member
Richmond Forum The Martin Agency Board Member
Right to Play Octagon Talent+Properties Board of Directors
Ron Brown Scholar Program Weber Shandwick Advisory Board, Chairman
Ronald MacDonald House McCann, Octagon Chairman, Member
Roosevelt University Golin Board Member
Route – The Audience Research Body for Outdoor Advertising Rapport Board Member, Committee Member
Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts MullenLowe London Fellow
Sacred Heart Board FCB Member
San Miguel School Octagon Member
Sarah Hardwig Golf Outing Octagon Member
Save the Bay Octagon Member
Save the Children FCB Board Member
Serve Rhode Island Octagon Member
She Runs It (formerly Advertising Women of New York) Weber Shandwick Board Member
Sojourner House Octagon Member
Sophia Academy Octagon Member
Somerset House MullenLowe London Board of Trustees
Spanbild Holdings Ltd FCB Board Member
Special Olympics International Octagon Global Partner
Special Olympics Rhode Island Octagon Member
Sports Backers The Martin Agency Board Member
Spurwink RI Octagon Member
Stadium Theatre Foundation Octagon Member
Stanford School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences Cassidy & Associates Board Member
Super Bowl 52 Carmichael Lynch Relate Committee Member
Superbrands Council Jack Morton Member
Susan G. Komen Octagon Partnership
Sustainability Board for the British Chamber of Commerce in Singapore MullenLowe Salt Co-Chair
Sydney Marketing Society Reprise Member
Tap-In, Inc. Octagon Member
Techfront Australia Pty Ltd FCB Board Member, Chairman
Tech Point Foundation for Youth Octagon Member
Texterchmiede GGH MullenLowe Member
The Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) MullenLowe Lintas Group Member
The Base Octagon Member
The BrandLab Carmichael Lynch Board Member
The Christie NHS Trust McCann Health Board Member
The College of New Jersey Foundation Weber Shandwick Board Member
The Concussion Legacy Institute Octagon Talent+Properties Advisory Board
The Community College of Philadelphia Foundation Tierney Committee Member
The Creative District Philadelphia Tierney Founder
The First Tee of Northwest Arkansas Octagon Member
The Foundation for Excellence in Women’s Health Care FCB Board Member
The Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce Tierney Board Member
The Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce The Martin Agency Board Member
The Greater West Point Family YMCA The Martin Agency Board Member
The iAB R/GA Board Member
The International Radio & TV Society Foundation IPG Mediabrands Board Member
The James Beard Foundation Octagon Member
The Learning Center for the Deaf Octagon Member
The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) Virgo Health Board Member
The Path to Purchase Institute FCB/RED Member
The Performance Theatre Weber Shandwick Member
The Point Foundation Rogers & Cowan Board Member
The Providence Center Octagon Member
The Rotary Club Octagon Member
The Seminar IW Group Member
The Shockoe Partnership The Martin Agency Board Member
The Sports Museum Octagon Council Member
The United Way of Southeastern PA and Southern New Jersey Tierney Board Member, Committee Member
ThinkLA Deutsch Board of Directors
Tide’s Family Services Octagon Member
Time’s Up Advertising The Martin Agency, McCann Member, Founding Member
Tokyo Advertising Health Insurance Association McCann Committee Member
Turkish Advertising Association MullenLowe Istanbul Board Member
UCLA Communications Dept Rogers & Cowan Board Member
UK Effies Committee MullenLowe London Member
UN Commission on Lifesaving Commodities for Women and Children McCann Health Member
UN Every Woman Every Child Initiative McCann Health Supporting Member
UN Foundations Communications Corps Advisory Panel McCann Health Advisory Panel
UN Private Sector Constituency of the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health McCann Health Member
UN Program for Private Sector Partnerships McCann Health Supporting Member
UNC School of Media and Journalism FCB Advisory Board Member
UNHCR Advisory Council Weber Shandwick Board Member
Unión Colombiana de Empresas Publicitarias – Colombian Association of Advertising Agencies (UCEP) MullenLowe SSP3 Board of Directors
Union of French Media Agencies (UDECAM) IPG Mediabrands Member
University of Delaware Alfred Lerner College of Business & Economics Octagon Leadership Advisory Board
University of Florida Public Relations Advisory Council IW Group Member
University of Georgia’s Grady School Golin Board Member
University of Iowa Golin Member
University of Minnesota Journalism School Carmichael Lynch Relate Member
University of Minnesota’s National Diversity Board Carmichael Lynch Board Member
University of Southern California PR Advisory Council Golin, IW Group Member
University of Wisconsin Golin Board Member
University of Wisconsin – Madison, School of Journalism and Mass Communications MullenLowe U.S. Board of Visitors
URI Foundation – Golf Team Octagon Member
U.S. African Development Foundation Weber Shandwick Chairman
U.S. Ultimate Association Jack Morton Board of Directors
USAID Advisory Committee on Voluntary Foreign Aid Weber Shandwick Chairman of Advisory Committee
USC Center for Public Relations Golin Board Member
USGA Octagon Member
VCU Brandcenter FCB, MullenLowe U.S. Board Member
VCU Robertson School of Media & Culture The Martin Agency Chair of Advisory Committee
Venture Richmond The Martin Agency Board Member
Virginia Commonwealth University R/GA Board Member
Virginia Film Festival The Martin Agency Board Member
Virginia Tech Department of Communication The Martin Agency Board Member
Virginia Tech Pamplin College of Business FCB Board Member
VNA Health Group Weber Shandwick Board of Trustees
WACL – Gather Committee MullenLowe London Member
WACL – Vote 100 Committee The Brooklyn Brothers Member
Warehouse Project & Gallery FCB Chicago Board Member
Weave Youth & Community Services Jack Morton Board Member
Western Connecticut State University Marketing Advisory Council IW Group Member
Wharton School of Business: Wharton Future of Advertising Program Deutsch Global Advisory Board
Wine and Business Club MullenLowe France Member
WISE Octagon Member
Women in Sports & Events Octagon National Chairperson
Women’s Fund of Central Indiana Octagon Member
Women’s Leadership Network The Martin Agency Advisory Board
Woonsocket Education Department Octagon Member
World Business Chicago FCB Board Member
Wounded Warrior Octagon Member
WTA Octagon Talent+Properties Board of Directors
Year Up Octagon Member
YMCA Arts and Letters Foundation Initiative Board Member
YMCA Octagon, Tierney Member, Board Member, Committee Member
Young Presidents Organization The Martin Agency Member
Youth Pride Octagon Member
YPO Washington DC HUGE Committee Member
Zero Touch Digital The Martin Agency Advisory Board