Global Reporting Initiative Reports

GRI Indicator 102-14
Reporting Level Complete

Provide a statement from the most senior decision-maker of the organization about the relevance of sustainability to the organization and the organization's strategy for addressing sustainability

Message from Michael Roth, Chairman and CEO of Interpublic

Gri Disclosure

This year, IPG has continued to strengthen our commitment to operating sustainably. We define sustainability broadly as conducting our business ethically, committing to create marketing messages that promote sustainable consumption patterns, minimizing our environmental impact, and fostering a culture of inclusion and equity. Our sustainable operations are aligned with the long-term health of the communities where our employees live and work.

In this, our fifth year of reporting on our sustainability initiatives utilizing the GRI framework, we have continued to strengthen our commitment. This year, we expanded the measurement of our emissions and other environmental impacts using GHG Protocol Corporate Standards to include offices over 50,000 square feet and all offices of every size in North America and the UK (including buildings under 50,000 square feet in these regions as well). The boundary was expanded from last year where we had included all offices over 50,000 square feet. In this year’s disclosure, we report on 2017 and 2018 calendar year data utilizing this expanded boundary which now includes 54% of our worldwide headcount (up from 48%) and 65% of our worldwide square footage (up from 53%). And, in terms of our greenhouse gas emissions, we remain committed to our Scope 2 relative intensity target for 10% reduction by 2030 in metric tons CO2e per employee from a baseline of 2015.

We once again renewed our support of the United Nations Global Compact and committed to uphold the Compact’s 10 principles in the areas of environmental sustainability, fair labor practices, human rights and anti-corruption.
This year, IPG has continued its support of United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #6, access to water and sanitation for all, along with our other purpose-driven work that aligns with IPG’s role as a member of the Business Roundtable and a signatory to its new Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation, which aims to promote an economy that serves all Americans.

Throughout the year, IPG agencies continue to engage on issues of concern in their local communities and globally. Recent projects have included promoting organic farming, breaking down gender stereotypes and bringing awareness to mental health. Doing what’s right for our communities is an important part of our DNA and of our history. It’s also critical to our continued success.

The single most important factor in our company’s success is talent – our human capital. And our talent is drawn from people of varying ages, backgrounds, cultures, faiths, genders, physical abilities, races, gender identity, and sexual orientations – to name but a few of the qualities that make each of us unique. As part of our human capital management, IPG has committed substantial resources and expertise to increasing diversity in our ranks and to forging a sustainable culture of inclusion at our company. This past year, IPG’s diversity and inclusion group executed programs that reached thousands of people around the network. At IPG, we encourage, protect and celebrate our diversity, understanding its importance to our success as an employer, and in the marketplace. We also work to ensure that we provide world-class benefits, training and career development for our talent.

We remain committed to working to deepen and broaden our commitment to sustainability during the year ahead. You can read more about IPG’s commitment to communities where our employees live and work is featured in the Sustainability and Purpose area of our website.