Global Reporting Initiative Reports

GRI Indicator 103-3
Reporting Level Complete

Evaluation of the management approach

This indicator is cross-referenced for 103-2 and 103-3

IPG has a Senior Director of Corporate Responsibility and Communications who is tasked with reviewing, coordinating, and promoting IPG’s efforts on climate change and other sustainability issues at the consolidated corporate level. The Director works directly with representatives from IPG’s Sustainability Management Committee, and reports to the Vice President of Corporate Communications. They meet regularly with IPG’s Board of Directors to report on these issues.

IPG’s Sustainability Management Committee includes representatives from various departments and functions, including Communications, Human Resources, Investor Relations, Finance and Legal. This mix of individuals and departments enables IPG to monitor and identify climate- related risks across all areas of our operations. This Committee is tasked with reviewing, coordinating, and promoting IPG’s efforts in this area at the consolidated corporate level.

Ultimately, the entire Board of Directors considers the implications and risk of climate change and other key issues of corporate social responsibility (CSR) as it impacts IPG, while the primary responsibility sits with the Board’s Corporate Governance Committee, and specifically with the Chairperson of the Committee. The responsibility of this committee is to oversee and make recommendations to the overall Board regarding the Company’s policies and practices with respect to issues of global corporate citizenship and social responsibility, including climate change, diversity and inclusion, charitable, and social matters.

IPG has a robust framework for evaluating a wide range of risks and opportunities, including risks and opportunities related to sustainability, and whether they have a substantive financial impact.

This process is overseen by IPG’s senior management, including the company’s Chief Financial Officer, Chief Risk Officer and General Counsel. These individuals are responsible for the identification and remediation of the principle risks facing IPG and its agencies, including the operational and regulatory risks that may be posed by ESG issues, such as climate change.