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Direct economic value generated and distributed

Direct economic value generated and distributed

Reference: 2017 Annual Report, Page 17


Payments to providers of capital

Debt service – As of December 31, 2017, we had oustanding short-term borrowings of $84.9 from our uncommitted lines of credit used primarily to fund seasonal working capital needs.  The remainder of our debt is primarily long-term, with maturities scheduled through 2024.  See the table below for the maturity schedule of our long-term debt.

Reference: 2017 Annual Report, Page 30

The following summarizes our estimated contractual cash obligations and commitments as of December 31, 2017 and their effect on our liquidity and cash flow in future periods. 

1 Amounts represent maturity at book value and interest payments based on contractual obligations. We may redeem all or some of the 4.00% Senior Notes due 2022, the 3.75% Senior Notes due 2023 and the 4.20% Senior Notes due 2024 at the greater of the principal amount of the notes to be redeemed or a “make-whole” amount, plus, in each case, accrued and unpaid interest to the date of redemption.
2 Non-cancelable operating lease obligations are presented net of future receipts on contractual sublease arrangements.
3 We have structured certain acquisitions with additional contingent purchase price obligations based on factors including future performance of the acquired entity. See Note 4 and Note 13 to the Consolidated Financial Statements for further information.
4 The amounts presented are estimates due to inherent uncertainty of tax settlements, including the ability to offset liabilities with tax loss carryforwards.
5 Amounts represent the taxes to be paid to the U.S. federal government related to the deemed repatriation of unremitted foreign earnings as a result of the enactment of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act in December 2017. We will elect to pay the amounts above over an eight-year period.

 Reference:  2017 Annual Report, Page 31



Principal Markets

Our agencies are located in over 100 countries, including every significant world market.  Our geographic revenue breakdown is listed below.

Reference: 2017 Annual Report, Page 6