Global Reporting Initiative Reports

GRI Indicator 205-1
Reporting Level Complete
Sustainable Development Goals

Total number and percentage of operations assessed for risks related to corruption and the significant risks identified

Interpublic assesses 100% of our operations for risks related to corruption.

The entirety of our operations is assessed for risks related to corruption. Some of our offices undergo more in-depth assessments, in the form of internal audits. Internal audits take place periodically at offices and geographic locations that are perceived to be high-risk, based on a matrix of objective and subjective factors. The significant risks identified relate, primarily, to the typical risks associated with using third-party vendors to assist with respect to winning or maintaining government client accounts in countries that are known for high levels of corruption. We attempt to address these risks through our anti-corruption policies that require, among other things, engaging in third-party due diligence, requiring third parties to agree in writing to comply with anti-corruption laws, and by training our employees to understand how to comply with these policies