Global Reporting Initiative Reports

GRI Indicator 308-1
Reporting Level Partial

Percentage of new suppliers that were screened using environmental criteria

Please note this response is cross-referenced for 308-1 and 414-1.


  • Report the percentage of new suppliers that were screened using environmental criteria.


  • Percentage of new suppliers that were screened using criteria for impacts on society.

Interpublic is committed to operating as sustainably as possible. And we expect the same from our suppliers. To ensure that this is the case, we have adopted a Supplier Code of Conduct.  The Code is summarized below and can be viewed in its entirety at the following link:

The Supplier Code of Conduct is part of our corporate standard policies and procedures and focuses on the following areas:

Legal and Regulatory Compliance Practices including:

  • Compliance with anti-corruption laws, anti-trust and fair competition laws
  • Adherence to environmental laws and regulations

Business Practices including:

The expectation that our suppliers and their representatives should conduct their business interactions with integrity and in accordance with their obligations to IPG including:

  • Honestly and accurately reporting all business information
  • Creating, retaining and disposing of business records in compliance with all legal and regulatory requirements
  • Protecting and responsibly using the physical and intellectual assets of IPG
  • Using discretion when offering gifts or entertainment to IPG employees
  • Avoiding the appearance of or actual improprieties or conflicts of interest
  • Avoiding insider trading by buying or selling IPG stock when in possession of information about IPG that is not available to the investing public.

Employment Practices

IPG expects its suppliers to share its commitment to human rights and equal opportunity in the workplace.  This includes:

  • Cooperating with IPG’s commitment to a workforce free of harassment and unlawful discrimination
  • Providing a safe and healthy work environment
  • Using only voluntary labor
  • Complying with local minimum working and laws and requirements and not utilizing child labor


IPG expects its suppliers to share its commitment to operating in sync with the long-term health of the environment.


IPG is committed to being among the most diverse companies in the world and we expect a commitment to diversity from our suppliers.

We also expect that our suppliers comply with our Code of Conduct.