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Sustainable Development Goals

Benefits provided to full-time employees that are not provided to temporary or part-time employees, by significant locations of operation

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102-8 and 401-1

IPG continued to exceed the US National External Workforce Benchmark in both “Officials and Managers” and “Professionals” categories for women in 2019

Additional results from IPG’s 2019 workforce data for the US show that:

  • Total minorities make up 22% of US “Officials and Managers,” an increase of 128% since 2005.
  • The “Professional” talent base is 31.3% minority, an increase of 63.7% since 2005.
  • Women make up 56% of all the company’s managers – including executive, senior and mid management – an increase of 20.7% since 2005

Additionally, in 2020, IPG became the first advertising holding company to release its EEO1 statistics around gender and race.


Full-time and part-time employees working 20 hours or more on a regular basis receive a full range of medical benefits. For the temporary employee population, an employee must work an average of 30 hours per week or more over a 12-month period in order to be eligible for the IPG Medical plan only. They are excluded from all other benefits.

We do not make a distinction by location, if an employee is on the IPG payroll and meets the requirements, they are offered benefits.


Recruiting, retaining and promoting great talent is key to IPG’s long-term success. Skills training and executive development are important components of how we work with our people to ensure their success and the continued success of IPG.

Educational Assistance

IPG encourages and financially supports continuing education and development programs that meet the career goals of our employees which are aligned with the needs of our business. Regular full-time and part-time employees can achieve professional career goals by taking job-related courses at an accredited school, college or university and be reimbursed for up to 75 percent of the tuition expenses. Whether taking a standalone course, or making a commitment to a bachelor’s or master’s degree program, attending traditional-style classes or non-traditional (e.g., on-line or accelerated) programs, employees and their managers work together to support development.

Individual Department Training

It is critical for employees to maintain required credentials, gain skills with new technologies, manage department change, keep up with role-specific information, and onboard to new roles. Whatever the situation, individual departments provide training through a variety of means including staff meetings, global conferences, in-house speakers, periodicals/online services and colleague-to-colleague instruction.

Skills-Building Training

IPG offers managers and employees skill-building training via live classroom and live and recorded webcasts for employees across the globe to enhance foundational skills including coaching, interviewing, project management, workplace respect, unconscious bias, career development, presentation skills, business writing, emotional intelligence, communication, conflict resolution, customer service and performance management. Our training programs aim to educate employees on core competencies and empower participants to bring to life such skills in the workplace.

Global Training

Operating ethically and with the highest standards of integrity is critical to our continued success. IPG’s Code of Conduct forms the basis of how we interact with each other, with our vendors and with our clients. Each year, IPG provides employees with training on the Code of Conduct, and highlights different topics of particular importance to focus on during these trainings.

IPG establishes incentives for agencies to create effective training and development for employees. We establish annual High Priority Objectives (HPOs) for talent management globally, which includes standards and expectations for effective, strategic employee training and development. At the end of the year agency performance is assessed against these training and development HPOs and the results are directly tied to agency compensation.


Empowership is a one-year remote-access learning and development program that helps professional women thrive by building their leadership competencies from the inside out. Empowership provides 24/7 access to relevant and dynamic training resources, uplifting inspiration, practical how-to guidance, and a robust female community. Through webinars, group calls, Q&A sessions with industry experts, digital resources and a peer forum, we empower women to thrive in all areas of their lives.

IPG Leadership Lab The IPG Leadership Lab is a selective global executive development program for senior-level leaders within IPG agencies. The program draws high potential executives from across IPG and provides an intensive leadership development experience featuring in-market immersion, engagement with IPG executives, cross-agency peer coaching, and personal leadership feedback and planning. Held yearly since 2013, the IPG Leadership Lab has strengthened agency leadership while enhancing collaboration across IPG.

Internship Program

The IPG Internship program offers students meaningful projects that provide an introduction to our industry while also developing a highly-valued future talent pool. Interns are provided with the tools and guidance that allow their roles to be hands-on educational experiences. Working with knowledgeable mentors, interns gain exposure to a broad range of processes and new technologies as well as substantive knowledge about our industry. Internships are offered during the summer and in a limited number of areas, year-round.

Transition Assistance

IPG provides employees with support, as needed, through many transitions that take place over the employment life cycle (e.g., transitioning to a new role, transitioning back to work from a leave of absence or transitioning to retirement). This might include retirement and financial planning resources, coaching and career guidance, work-life balance resources and flexible work arrangements.

IPG Learning & Development Site – This site provides a wealth of diverse online courses and provides resources at employees’ fingertips. There are multiple skill-building courses offered on management and leadership, performance management, writing & communication, diversity & inclusion, customer service, project management and personal development. Also offered are a wide variety of technical courses. Many of these courses are offered in multiple languages to meet the needs of our global population.

MyLead – MyLead is an IPG enterprise-wide offered program, targeting senior managers for leadership development. It is an interactive leadership immersion experience which includes business simulation and real-time executive coaching. The program is designed to develop areas of responsibility that are most relevant to leadership roles in our industry and include Business Leadership, Client Leadership, and People Leadership.

The Art and Science of Leadership (TASL) – Like MyLead, TASL is an IPG enterprise-wide offering. This offering targets newer managers or those who need to further develop their core management skills. TASL participants learn key facets of leadership via an on-line, interactive experience. Participants are also involved in business simulations in which they face realistic skill challenges. An executive coach partners with each participant to discuss his/her activities, provides the participant with specific behavioral feedback, helps plan for future development, and helps the participant to apply the new skills back at work.


IPG advocates for all employees to actively participate and invest in performance management. Aligning individual goals with organizational objectives not only allows employees to better understand what is expected of them, and how important their contributions are to the business, but it also empowers them to champion their own personal development.

Our corporate process is guided by an ePerformance on-line tool. The tool is a catalyst to promote discussion between managers and employees about personal and business goals, development plans and career aspirations. Approximately three quarters of IPG employees actively participate in our on-line performance management process.