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Promotion of Worker Health

IPG is committed to continuous improvements of health and safety conditions for our employees.

IPG is committed to continuous improvements of health and safety conditions for our employees.

IPG’s Code of Conduct highlights our commitment to high standards of safety and employee protection, as reflected in our policies on safety and our employee resources devoted to physical and mental health. IPG’s policies prohibit all forms of violence, including threats, intimidation, or attempts to instill fear in others.

As a professional services company, the main types of work-related health effects employees may experience relate to ergonomics and repetitive motion. Employees have access to a specialist consultant on their workspace, whether at home or at the office, to ensure the reduction of these types of issues. We provide educational resources for employees to help reduce carpal tunnel and other orthopedic issues.

A safe and healthy workplace also means ensuring our people’s psychological safety by supporting mental health and managing stress, work-related or otherwise. IPG employees are encouraged to take advantage of their access to licensed therapists, who are available 24/7 through IPG’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider CCA and the Talkspace app. Talkspace lets employees regularly communicate through text or live video with a licensed therapist. This private, confidential service is covered under our employee behavioral health benefit.

Employees also have access to additional stress-reduction resources through IPG’s internal employee benefits portal. This “Inclusive at Work” site also provides general wellness resources to our employees, covering topics such as mindfulness, managing anxiety, and the science of happiness.

IPG recognizes that living through a global health crisis and experiencing political turmoil can have an adverse affect on employees’ well-being. IPG works to ensure our people have access to resources and tools to cope and manage these sources of stress, for example:

  • IPG encourages organized flexibility when work-from-home measures are in place, to enable individuals to set schedules that work best for them and allow for adequate self-care.
  • Crises like a pandemic pose extraordinary threats to mental health, in response IPG published a research paper for managers on mental health effects of the crisis and linkages with diversity and marginalization.

Another potential source of mental stress is world news and political events. IPG has created specialized resources for these challenges, including the “Political Turmoil” section of IPG’s Inclusive at Work website, and education on stress related to elections. Employees are regularly reminded of these resources, as they were, when the morning after the attack on the U.S. Capitol in January 2021, IPG’s CEO Philippe Krakowsky sent an all-employee note reiterating the company’s commitment to democratic ideals as well as to diversity, equity and inclusion.