Augmented Reality Playbook

06 June 2022


Brands everywhere are continuing to recognize and harness the power and capabilities of augmented reality (AR) lenses, which allow consumers to enhance the world around them. A new study by MAGNA Media Trials and Snap Inc., The Augmented Reality Playbook: Understanding the Role of AR in the Purchase Journey, aims to uncover the true capabilities of AR Lenses and understand the role of AR ads in the consumer purchase journey.  

The research was gleaned from multiple brands representing different verticals and was conducted in five different markets including the United States, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, and France. Different types of AR lenses were tested to explore the potential of AR, including Shoppable AR Lenses, Gamified Entertainment Lenses, Interactive Entertainment Lenses, and tactics like World Facing Lenses and Front Facing Lenses.  

“AR has been around and has been tested in the marketplace, but there are still many questions regarding how and where AR could fit in the marketer’s toolbox,” said Kara Manatt, EVP, Intelligence Solutions, MAGNA. “The research reveals that AR provides utility and informs consumers about the brand, above and beyond pre-roll video ads, while also enabling brands to build deeper, more personalized connections with consumers.”  

The study shines a light on how the sequence of video and AR can play a crucial role in engagement. Tested within a multi-product campaign that started the sequence with a video ad and followed with interactive AR, the research showed amplified impact on traditional metrics. 

Read MAGNA’s Key Findings and Data Points here, or access the full study below.   

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