Designing Ethical Experiences

24 March 2022


The latest installment of R/GA Live, an atypical event series that aims to fuel curiosity and inspire innovation by exploring brands’ relationships with people, explored the intersection of ethics and design.

Day 1: Ethical Experiences and Tech with Contentful

Design’s impact on society is undeniable. Now, and even more so in upcoming years, designers’ decisions can significantly influence people’s mindsets and behavior. Designers are more than ever responsible for making the right decisions when creating experiences that can impact people’s behavior and the world around us. So, we need to ask: where do ethics fit in?

In a fireside conversation, Zoha Zoya, Head of Design at R/GA London, and Nicole France, Director of Product Marketing at Contentful discussed the art of choosing, how they define ethical design with real-world examples, along with principles and frameworks for designers to integrate ethics into their work.

View the replay: Ethical Experiences and Tech with Contentful

Day 2: Design, Resilience, and Ethics with John Maeda

Humanist design and tech guru Dr. John Maeda and R/GA CMO Ashish Prashar discussed the subconscious suggestion of design, the concept of resilient design, their friendship, and the need to infuse branded experiences with ethics-driven design.

During the conversation, John Maeda shared how “adversity is the catalyst for invention,” that by understanding adversity, designers will be naturally more empathic and understand people’s specific needs, increasing their ability to create inclusive experiences.

Design’s impact on human behavior is unmistakable, but its values are, at best, vague. By understanding the influence ethical design has on society, behavior, and the environment, we can design better, more inclusive experiences for all.

View the replay: Design, Resilience, and Ethics with John Maeda

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