Leading at the Intersections 2024

30 January 2024


What does leadership in 2024 entail? Leading an organization today means engaging stakeholders in a time of unprecedented politicization and transparency. Everything is political. Everything is public. Leaders face an ongoing collision of business and public interests, often around policy or regulatory issues, but also on social issues, from the workplace to climate, data privacy, reproductive health, gender and sexual identity, democracy and racial justice. The risks will most certainly be heightened in this election year.

Leading at the Intersections 2024 is a playbook for communicators, a source for inspiration and a celebration of the expertise across Powell Tate. The report offers context and insights on the big questions of the day, designed to help Chief Executive Officers, Chief Corporate Affairs Officers, Chief Public Affairs Officers and other senior executives understand contemporary risks to their enterprises — and the expanding opportunities for innovation and leadership.

This year’s report covers six of the most front-and-center issues that impact businesses across sectors:

  • Sensemaking: From media insecurity to narrative and AI intelligence
  • Influence: From content creation to influence
  • Advocacy: From reputation management to authentic advocacy
  • Geopolitics and Diplomacy: From rising geopolitical tensions to corporate diplomacy
  • Creativity: From generative AI to what’s next in creativity
  • Leadership: From employee engagement to empowerment

Read Powell Tate’s report to navigate how to be a leader in the force for progress amid a changing and chaotic world.

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