Tracking the Sustainability Intention-Action Gap

02 June 2023

Four out of five consumers say they want to live sustainably, but far fewer do. What’s preventing people from acting on their good intentions?

Allie Ballard, Katie White, and JT Taillon, all from The Martin Agency, join CI Conversations host Jen Sain to discuss sustainability, climate change and The Martin Agency’s Sustainability Tension Map, an open-source tool designed to understand paint points and the disconnect between intent and action when it comes to going green.

Anyone is welcome to submit tensions to the Sustainability Map, which The Martin Agency hopes will encourage ideas from multiple agencies or people, to help dig deeper into the intent-action gap and discern the barriers or tensions preventing consumers from making sustainable decisions. This way, brands can understand how their products impact the world and help consumers start to take meaningful action.

For the future, brands looking to create sustainably should focus on taking baby steps that facilitate that goal, and agencies can look to imbed sustainability right into the DNA of their ideas. Locating tension and creating insights can help brands get to those first steps. For any brands left behind, now is the time to start the sustainability conversation.

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