We Know Experiences

30 May 2024


Momentum Worldwide introduces We Know Experiences, the latest addition to its global research series. This installment dives deep into the evolving landscape of experiential marketing, offering the third wave of data collected over a decade of rich insights.

The benefits of a study with so much tracking history include the opportunity to observe and analyze how much the world of experiences has changed over the years. Looking back five years, consumer behavior and attitudes could easily be described as optimistic and fueled with excitement for the future that awaited them. Fast-forward five years, and each of us has seen ourselves altered due to a global pandemic, political unrest, climate change, economic instability and more.

The global study explored the four areas that define connective experiences—Community, Expression, Enrichment and Identity—and comprise Momentum Worldwide’s Experiential Helix, the first-of-its-kind in experiential marketing. This helix will play a crucial role in how Momentum works with clients to design and create experiences for the years to come.

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