From Disruption to Opportunity: New Pathways to Profitable Growth for Consumer Brands

19 March 2024

IPG Commerce provides a guidebook for navigating the three disruptive commerce trends that are shaping the future of the consumer brands industry and how to capitalize on them to win and grow.

Read the CEO’s Guidebook for Winning in Commerce.

The golden rule of commerce is to never make it hard for someone to give you their money. It’s a simple rule yet staying true to it has become much more complex in the last couple of years. Changes to consumer behaviors are accelerating, yet internal changes at most brands can’t keep pace. That’s leading to a gap between commerce experiences and expectations, but more importantly, it’s creating a risk to market share, margins and competitive differentiation.

Leaders that can foresee the disruptions that are coming and craft an enterprise strategy that enables ongoing agility will have the ultimate competitive advantage. To help bring clarity and guidance to this challenge, we’ve identified three trends driving a major disruptive cycle in commerce and provided recommendations as to how leaders can turn disruption into opportunity to win and grow.

Learn about the three disruptive commerce trends rewriting the guidebook for success in the consumer brands industry:

  1. Emergence of Invisible Commerce
  2. Cascading Costs of Convenience
  3. The Rising Power of Product Communities

The report also contains a bonus section on Millennials, a demographic segment to track as the North Star of Commerce to clarify where to invest in the future.

Read the CEO’s Guidebook for Winning in Commerce below.

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