Performance Art and Black & Abroad Visualize the Heights of Culture

03 February 2022

Two years after its provocative and acclaimed pan-Africa tourism campaign “Go Back To Africa,” travel brand Black & Abroad has launched a powerful, data-driven domestic travel platform titled “The Black Elevation Map.” Living at, the platform takes cultural data, including Black population data, historical markers, Black-owned businesses, and social media activity, and visualizes them as points of interest on a dynamic, searchable elevation map of the United States. The greater the density of data, the higher the elevation.

“We’re inspired by the relentless positivity at the heart of the Black & Abroad brand, and wanted to once again explore what happens when you push a bold, brand idea into a sophisticated technology ecosystem,” says Ian Mackenzie, Chief Creative Officer, Performance Art. “We know the data we’re visualizing represents just a fraction of actual Black cultural contribution. We see this as part of an ongoing conversation, and a conceptual counterpoint to a long history of maps created with harmful and unacknowledged biases.”

To bring it to life, Performance Art worked across IPG media, analytics and technology partners. Read more in Muse by Clio…