interpublic group is
pioneering diversity programs.

CEO Compensation

We have tied our diversity goals directly to the compensation of our senior leadership. A portion of each of our major agency's CEO's performance objectives is tied directly to diversity. If these diversity goals are not met, that CEO's incentive pay is adversely affected.

IPG Network Diversity Council

This committee is composed of CEOs from Interpublic business units and chaired by Michael Roth, Chairman and CEO of IPG. The Council meets three times annually to report on company-wide and agency-specific diversity and inclusion programs. It reviews metrics to determine the effectiveness of these programs and serves as a forum where leaders can share best practices and prioritize the resources required for further progress. The group reports to our Board of Directors, whose assessment of each agency's results is factored into senior level executives' compensation.

An Inclusive Board of Directors

As of today, three out of the nine members of the Interpublic Board are women, making us a stand-out among S&P 500 companies with a 30% representation of women on our board.

In 2011, Dawn Hudson, Vice Chairman of the Parthenon Group was elected to the board.  In 2007, Jocelyn Carter-Miller, President of TechEdVentures, a community empowerment firm that educates children, families and the community through charter schools and community-based programs, joined the board.  Also in 2007, Mary J. Steele Guilfoile joined our board and agreed to serve on its audit committee.

The InterAct Associates Fellowship Program

Launched in 2004, this two-year fellowship program seeks to recruit, retain and develop an internal pipeline of multicultural talent with multi-disciplinary experience. Now in its eighth year, more than 50 recent graduates have moved through the program's ranks, with many of these individuals hired by Interpublic agencies at which they've worked.


Interpublic partners with many community-based and national organizations that focus on diversity and inclusion. These include: