IPG’s Newest Platform is Redefining Marketing

16 Jun 2022


With the launch of the Marketing Intelligence Engine (MIE), which is a complete, connected, and conscious platform with the sole purpose of helping people find their brands, IPG is establishing a strategic advantage for its companies. In understanding that the way forward is to market with and for people, MIE is respectfully connecting with clients across the digital ecosystem, utilizing deeper insights that aren’t available anywhere else. These engagements are valued, relevant, and helpful because marketing intelligence shapes and underpins every interaction, everywhere.

At the core of MIE is customer intelligence, connected intelligence, and activation intelligence. Customer intelligence by Acxiom helps brands understand people to deliver experiences that matter. Connected Intelligence by Kinesso connects brands and people through data and technology. And Activation Intelligence by Matterkind initiates marketing that performs while maintaining respect. Because brands who treat their customers best are those who grow the most. Learn more at https://wearemie.com.