Rapport Supports charity: water Campaign

29 Jan 2024


After a successful partnership to raise awareness for World Water Day 2023, Rapport worked with longtime IPG partner charity: water to support the organization’s end-of-year campaign, which aimed to raise awareness and funds to bring clean and safe drinking water to 200 communities around the world.

The campaign ran through the holiday season with playful slogans like “hard to wrap, easy to give” and “dirty water steals more time than traffic.” Rapport secured pro bono advertising space for the campaign, helping to spread the message in New York City, Los Angeles and Fort Lauderdale. The campaign had over 17 million impressions and the amount of media space donated exceeded $200,000 in value. This helped charity: water surpass their initial goal, ultimately bringing clean drinking water to 250 communities.

IPG has partnered with charity: water since 2016 on several initiatives that bring water to those in need. You can read more about IPG’s initiatives with charity: water here.