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Sustainable Development Goals

Diversity of governance bodies and employees

Diversity, equity and inclusion are business priorities for IPG.

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Four out of 10, (40%) of IPG’s board members are women. IPG’s Board has consistently maintained this level of diversity or greater, in line with recommendations by the 30% Club on gender diversity – of which IPG is a member and represented on the organization’s U.S. Steering Committee.

IPG continued to exceed the US National External Workforce Benchmark in both “Officials and Managers” and “Professionals” categories for women in 2019.

  • Additional results from IPG’s 2019 workforce data for the US show that:
    • Total minorities make up 22% of US “Officials and Managers,” an increase of 128% since 2005.
    • The “Professional” talent base is 31.3% minority, an increase of 63.7% since 2005.
    • Women make up 56% of all the company’s managers – including executive, senior and mid management – an increase of 20.7% since 2005

Additionally, in 2020, IPG became the first advertising holding company to release its EEO1 statistics around gender and race.