Brand and Artist Partnerships: The CONVO with Elijah

16 February 2023


Welcome to the first edition of The FRUKT CONVO – a new zine providing an in-depth look into the world of music and culture, looking back at 2022 and forecasting the new trends, artists, events and industry changes you need to take notice of in 2023.

The CONVO is co-edited by Elijah, the London-based writer, DJ, artist manager and consultant, and co-founder of the iconic record label, Butterz. Elijah has been writing daily notes on Instagram known as the ‘Yellow Squares,’ which provide an insight into his work behind the scenes of the music industry and help emerging artists think about sustainable creation in this new world. The CONVO will champion the perspective of the entertainment industry, taking an insider’s view on how brands can harness, create and give back to culture to grow their businesses, giving insight on how they can truly support their adopted passions, as well as bolster their brand plans.

Talking authentically about the spaces we operate in as marketers, The CONVO will dissect the changing role of the artist – and provide an expert’s take on how brands can help not only fuel the industry and support artists more meaningfully, but hopefully build better platforms and campaigns. Topics discussed include the evolution of brand/artist partnerships in 2023, along with industry contributions from Defected Records, FRAME Artists, AMAAD, Wax Poetics, Dreamhouse Records, VIBERATE and Music Support.

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