Digital Opinion Leaders and Medical Communications

23 August 2023


A large and growing percentage of healthcare professionals (HCPs) use social media, with a significant proportion using it to improve their clinical knowledge and education. Additionally, social media influences physicians and their perceptions of medications. In a 2023 survey by Sermo, 57% of physicians said they frequently or occasionally change their initial perception of a medication due to social media. The results of the survey also revealed a strong influence on prescribing habits, ongoing medical education, and professional networking.

On average, dermatology, rheumatology, and gastroenterology are the most prevalent specialties across Facebook, Instagram and X (formerly Twitter). When comparing markets, global HCPs have slightly higher social reach compared with HCPs in the U.S. (32% vs 23%). Social media can be a valuable tool for marketers to engage with HCPs directly, especially in the case of digital opinion leader partnerships and unbranded disease awareness campaigns. Third-party partner social media accounts are also valuable drivers to sponsored content, as social media activity is often bookended by digital engagements in the HCP workday.

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