Discover What Gen Z, Your Future Customers, Value

15 September 2023


All brands should have their sights set on Generation Z, the largest generation in the U.S. at 86 million-strong. Born in the late 1990s to early 2000s, Gen Zs are coming into their own and exploring their buying power. Even if Gen Z only makes up a small proportion of a brand’s customer base, that’s likely to change rapidly as its members emerge into adulthood.

To help brands gain a deeper understanding of Gen Z – and specifically its buying behaviors – Acxiom analyzed demographic, behavioral, and psychographic data from their own InfoBase, accurate and powerful third-party descriptive and touchpoint data. Because InfoBase data relates to adults only, this report focuses on Gen Zs aged 18-27 and their households. As of 2023, there are more than 16 million households headed by Gen Zs in this age range, with millions more to come soon.

The brands that succeed tomorrow will be those that can identify, understand, and engage Gen Zs in a meaningful way as they start their customer journey today. Acxiom’s “The Inside Track on Gen Z: Discover What Your Future Customers Value” explores the preferences, attitudes and buying behaviors of this emerging group, and shares 10 top insights.

Read Acxiom’s Discover What Gen Z, Your Future Customers Value here.

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