FutureBrand Index 2023

20 September 2023



The data in FutureBrand’s 2023 Index suggests that the future of brands hinges on their ability to avoid the “Purpose Void” – a place where an increasingly informed and enquiring public relegates organizations that fail to practice what they preach – and demonstrate genuine corporate purpose through tangible impact.

The most notable risers on the list – including Microsoft, Unilever, Nestlé and Amazon – are known for their ability to fulfill more fundamental human needs amid increasing levels of global uncertainty caused by climate change, international conflicts, inflation and the rise of AI.

The newly released index, produced by brand-led business transformation company FutureBrand, focuses on 100 companies with the largest global market capitalization, as determined by PwC. The index is based on research around brand perception and includes an in-depth survey of business professionals in 15 countries.

Corporate responsibility efforts bolster brand ranking. Overall, companies that are known for trust, respect, resource management, and dedication to their mission ranked higher on the list. Companies that displayed a corporate conscience and responsible governance resonated strongly as seen by the performance of NextEra Energy and CATL.

“The FutureBrand Index points towards a truth: in order to garner high brand esteem, companies must foster agility, spearhead innovation, and embrace an unwavering commitment to corporate social responsibility,” said Lynne Field, Head of Strategy at FutureBrand North America. “In this era of corporate mistrust and consumer polarization, the companies that remain true to their mission and deliver what they promise will win in the hearts and minds of their stakeholders.”

Read the FutureBrand Index 2023 report.

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