How Can Brands Lead the Sustainability Discussion?

08 November 2022

Yes, sustainability ultimately is about protecting the planet and driving a greener future. However, the sustainable mindset should be much more than that. Just like the old axiom “all politics is local,” all sustainability discussions need to consider cultural contexts. For people around the world, their sustainability practices are deeply personal with a range of emotions based on their lived experiences. Their efforts aren’t just directed to “saving the planet,” but toward ensuring an enduring way of life for their communities.

Nadia Tuma-Weldon, EVP, Global Head of Thought Leadership, McCann Worldgroup, Truth Central and Jaclyn Kaminski, VP, Global Director of Sustainability, McCann Worldgroup join CI Conversations host Jennifer Sain to discuss sustainability from both the consumer and brand perspective, sharing key insights and data from the Truth About Sustainability survey from McCann Worldgroup’s Truth Central.

Among consumer brands, companies are at different stages in their evolution with sustainability. That means brands must work to break down barriers and challenge assumptions. However, activation on sustainability goes much deeper than awareness marketing and brands would do well to illustrate to consumers the ways adopting sustainable choices can have a positive impact on their lives.

Brands should reflect on the opportunity for intergenerational connections and lead the way in helping all people work together. The trick will be to unite the passion and the spirit of the younger groups with older generations who have resources and influence.


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