Navigating the Sustainability Tension Map

27 June 2023

Created by The Martin Agency, the Sustainability Tension Map is an open-source tool for any brand or agency to use which allows brands to see through consumers’ eyes. The interactive tool illustrates 25 tensions that pose considerable barriers to the challenges they face in their sustainable-purchase journey. This collection of tensions is just a starter set and as perceptions around sustainability change, so too will cultural tensions. An impact score manually researches and validates the tensions found in the Sustainability Tension Map to demonstrate the potential impact that could be unlocked if solved.

This tool is meant to help brands take meaningful action by inspiring briefs and new products or igniting conversations to shift business practices and values. Brands and agencies can also get involved with the tension map by submitting new tensions to further provide insights to the marketing and advertising community or host a Sustainability Hackathon to generate immediate ideas for brands looking to close the green intention-action gap.

For more on the tension map, listen to the CI Conversation podcast Tracking the Sustainability Intention-Action Gap.

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